Apex Legends Available For Free Download On PC/Xbox One/ PlayStation 4

Apex Legends Available For Free Download On PC/Xbox One/ PlayStation 4

Released on 4th Feb 2019, Respawn Entertainment's brand new shooter saga is now available for free on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms. A part of the developer's popular Titanfall Universe, the free Battle Royale title poses a massive challenge for gamers who love intense action-packed gameplay. Featuring a plethora of battle play features similar to Fortnight, PUBG and Ashen; 8 legend avatars with great character customization; 20 teams of up to 3 players each; and exciting weapons, abilities & unlockables, Apex Legends is a 'Thunderstorm' in the Battle Royale genre.

Respawned released teasers on social media a few days back to give us a sneak-peek and aired a live stream to announce the release date as well.

You are a part of a 3-player squad that is fighting within an action-borne battleground dominated by 19 other opponent flanks, gritty missions, a colossal game map and an exciting backdrop featuring a picturesque island. Your objective is to survive the ferocious enemies, their attacks and battle it out to become the last person/team standing. You are spawned with your team into the Apex Legends with no weapons in the start. You must gather ammo, build your character, and fight to reach the higher levels. Respawn has also included a new 'Ping' feature, which you can use to ping locations, players, and objects.

The game is free-to-play, which means you have access to a variety of in-game purchases for cosmetic upgrades and carry out microtransactions using in-game currency. You can download Apex Legends now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If you have subscription of PS Plus or EA/Origin Access, you can also grab some exciting free resources & power-ups.

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